Global Sourcing and Procurement are real opportunities for cost reductions and competitive advantage. These cost reductions aim to create a direct channel between the importer and the exporter, reducing the number of intermediaries in the Supply Chain.

Alpha Sourcing’s end-to-end sourcing intelligence can ensure the best suppliers, capable and competitive for your business.

Our activities:


Through a commercial partnership with Cargo Warehouses worldwide, Alpha Sourcing enables the customer the following options:

Consolidation of several suppliers and export:

The Consolidation of suppliers, enables our customers to negotiate small amounts, with several suppliers, use our storage structure to unify the purchase, and thereby make a single import, reducing the cost of Freight, and Import Expenses.

Product handling:

If there is customer need, we can handle the product, exchange packaging and label the goods


Alpha Sourcing provides the customer with the following Audit and Certification options:


Control inspectors visit your supplier’s production site to conduct aphysical inspection of raw materials, components and factories in China or anywhere else in Asia. During pre-production inspection, we identify the availability and condition of the materials, analyze the manufacturer’s preparation for production and verify the internal quality control processes.


Inspectors perform a physical inspection of goods on a randomly selected sample of manufactured products using the ISO 2859-1 statistical sampling procedure (ANSI / ASQ Z1.4). Each inspection is unique because Alpha Sourcing’s comprehensive standard checklists are customized to focus on what’s important to you and the specifications of each product. Inspection checklists during production provide an extensive defect classification and on-site testing based on international standards (EU, US, AU, and more).


Inspectors visit the vendor’s location to perform a physical inspection of goods ona randomly selected sample of manufactured products using the ISO 2859-1 statistical sampling procedure (ANSI /ASQ Z1.4). We customize each inspection to focus on what’s important to you by combining our standard inspection checklists with your unique product requirements and acceptable quality limits. Alpha Sourcing Pre-Shipment Inspection checklists provide an extensive on-site defect and testing classification based on international standards
(EU, US, AU, and others).


Inspectors examine a number of important criteria to ensure that exact quantities of their products are loaded and handled correctly to protect their goods during transportation. We also check that
the container is properly sealed and that documentation for customs inspection is available. Each CLS is unique, combining container loading supervision checklists with its unique product specifications and other key criteria.


Alpha Sourcing auditors conduct an on-site assessment of the plant to allow you to understand your supplier’s level of reliability. They perform an independent assessment of supplier capacity, capacity, credentials, facilities, production line management, workforce, and more. Each supplier qualification audit is unique, combining your specific requirements with Alpha Sourcing’s supplier qualification audit checklist, which consists of more than 50 checkpoints.


Alpha Sourcing’s certified and trained auditors perform an on-site assessment of a plant based on the international ISO 9001 standard and other Alpha Sourcing checkpoints essential to understanding and qualifying your supplier. Each manufacturing audit is unique, combining Alpha Sourcing’s manufacturing audit checklist, which includes more than 100 checkpoints, with your specific needs. Alpha Sourcing auditors can also provide you with a detailed technical audit corrective action plan to assist in smooth implementation of any necessary improvements.


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In order to present buyers, new products and suppliers, we visit the main fairs in the world, aiming at the direct connection between buyers and suppliers, such as Canton Fair, china’s main multi-sector fair, which is held twice a year. For this, we have the following package: